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Guidelines for setting a run in Singapore

Last updated: October 2017

HHHS — NParks Run Application Form

Below are updated Guidelines to assist Hares when setting and clearing Runs in Singapore. Please review and make sure you are clear, and direct any questions to the Committee.

Singapore in general

  • No flour is to be used to mark the trail.

  • Avoid MRT stations

  • Minimize the use of toilet paper.

  • As the use of toilet paper in a public area is considered littering, Hares are to ensure a sweeper picks up the paper immediately after the last Runner has gone through.

  • If possible, use chalk.

National Parks or any part of the Run trail that encroaches into NParks territory

  • Hares must give at least 2 weeks’ notice to NParks by completing and submitting the Hash Application Form to

  • Only toilet paper is allowed within the Nature Reserves. Chalk is not to be usedunder any circumstances.

  • Hares are responsible to clear up the paper following the run or, at the very latest, by 12 noon the next day.

  • Stick to existing tracks (i.e. those clearly marked by NParks).

  • Strictly NO CHOPPING of plants – i.e. No creating or cutting new paths.

  • No arrows to be drawn on the roads or anywhere else within Nature Reserves.

  • No “open fire” cooking in NParks car parks. Plan your menu with Mr Hoe.

  • Hares are personally accountable for their runs and if in the event a fine is imposed the hares will have to bear the cost.

  • Labrador Park, Pulau Ubin, Sungei Buloh, Kent Ridge Park, Lorong Sesuai and Mount Faber are also managed by NParks, so be mindful when setting runs there.

Sweepers will become increasingly important — for making sure all runners return safely and for picking up the paper.

These guidelines have been agreed upon by all Hash Chapters in Singapore in consultation with National Parks and the Singapore Police Force.


Their authority is absolute.
The Hash exists only because the authorities allow it to.

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