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The Committee 2024:


Chairman / Grand Master:

Martin Hoffman

mkh307467 at icloud dot com

President / Joint Master:

Chong Tan

tanchongera at yahoo dot com


Vice President / Joint Master:

Pasi Haatainen
pasi dot haatainen at gmail dot com


Honourable Treasurer / Hash Cash:

Daryl Dunbar

daryl at dunbar dot org


Honourable Secretary / On-Sec)

Lars Nelleman
hhhs-onsec at hotmail dot com


Former Committee Members

HHHS Committee over decades



Mr. Hoe Juan Jok
sales at hoebrothers dot com dot sg
Landline: 6363 6449


Beer Boys:

Specific Gravity Singapore

Our Logos:

Feel free to use these for T-Shirts and other stuff

And here's an original vector AI, if you know what you're doing.



Pasi Haatainen

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